Grief to Peace

Peace is Possible.
Love never ends.
Grief seeks transformation.
Time is the driver of change.

Are you sad and in grief? Would you like to transform your grief into peace? Grief seeks transformation and works intensely hard to get there. In the heart of grief it feels like it will never end, but it does end. Understanding how time heals creates positive pathways for turning grief into peace and loss into living. Recreating a new life involves eight dimensions of the embodied mind: emotional, social, cognitive, physical, behavioral, cultural, spiritual, and philosophical—all while surfing on the many levels of emerging consciousnesses of body and mind.

My personal journey from grief to peace came from facing the loss of my husband, best friend, and professional partner of 30 years without fear. I knew from our work together that the biology of nature would not keep me in debilitating grief for more than ~90 minutes at a time before a blessed rest and relief would come. I time tested it and it was true. Ninety-nine percent of the time deep debilitating grief lasted ~20 minutes. Through this journey I discovered pathways for a new psychotherapy for grief. I had to create something new as standard grief theories did not move me.

The journey to transform grief to peace begins with developing a new intelligence in the Peace & Hope IQ.


Peace & Hope IQ

©Kathryn Rossi
Tree of Life

Tree of Life © Lee Lawson


Present Moment is where happiness and clarity live
Emotional Release – to be free
Accept the best each day brings to heal mind, body, and soul
Celebrate life, loved ones, and yourself
Evolve healing each passing hour, day, and season


Heart Opens
Engage – Live Fully


Insight into unexpected opportunities for new beginnings
Quantum consciousnesses can open doors to be new, vital, whole, and peaceful.


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