Kathryn Rossi, PhD

I Choose Life.
The Future may be full of Hopes and fears.

The Past may have Joys, regrets, and unsolved issues.

The Present moment is where Happiness lives.
I believe in Love, Laughter and Living a Full, Fear-Free Life.

I believe in fostering Good Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Health.

I believe that “Every Day is a Good Day, Even if it Isn’t,” because life is precious.

I love experiencing Vast Arrays of Consciousnesses: Linear thinking is only one of them

I believe Everyone has the innate capacity to find Goodness Growing Inside themselves.

Mostly, I believe in you. I believe you can find your way to Peace, Comfort and Happiness

Everyone has a Genius of their own. I love encouraging these profound emerging Truths.
As you Tune Sensitively into yourself Right Now, can you Choose Life?
What would your Best Life look like?

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