Online Course

Grief to Peace – A New Beginning

A six-week online course

Kathryn Rossi, PhD

Have you experienced loss of a loved one? Are you suffering deep sadness, emotional pain, confusion, disorientation and uncertainty? Have you ever asked the question: “Why am I still here?” Would you like to have hope to move through grief more quickly? Do you want to feel a sense of calm, develop a new focus to live peacefully today, and to look forward to tomorrow’s new horizons? If so, this course may be right for you.

Grief is an altered state of consciousness. Time becomes distorted and unpredictable. It can be difficult to focus on integrating new realities without the physical presence of the one(s) you love. Foundations that were once so clear are shaken to the core of who you are… what you believe… where you belong… what your future will be… and more. Confusing emotions run high. Focus runs low. Your body may feel disjointed and foreign. Waves of grief can be unpredictable – gentle or overwhelming. You may wonder, “When will the hole of loss become a whole of embracing life?”

I help those in need of a reset or resolution from the loss of a loved one to find peace, comfort and hope. While honoring the past, we welcome fully living today by developing new rhythms to a satisfying life. Together we learn how to live fully by harnessing Nature’s best biological gift – Time – to let go of deep sadness and welcome new emerging possibilities for peace, hope and love.

In this 6-week online course you will learn how to face grief without fear to transcend depths of despair into new resiliency.

I will help you discover:

How time heals – minutes, hours, days, months, seasons, and more through clock time, trance time, dreamtime, and spacetime.

Expand your mind with new ways to think about grief and actions to take to turn loss into living.

Choose your unique path to grief resolution.

To quiet your overactive whirling mind of memories and confusions.

To help you find your present moment, fear free, in peace, calm and focus.

Make conscious decisions to benefit you now and in the future.

…and more!

Our plan


Action 1: Who are you today?

The Cultural, Social & Philosophical Foundations of You

Grief can test the foundations of what you believe, know, think, and feel about yourself socially, culturally and philosophically. There are many psychological shocks and surprises along the journey. Can you learn to reset your mind and brain to be strong and resilient to face grief directly for faster and more satisfying resolution? After all, no one ever solved a problem by not facing it. As each grief is individual to the person, place and time, your healing is individual too. You will learn five ways of how time heals—clock time, trance time, dreamtime, spacetime and time free. A new intelligence is developed through a PEACE & HOPE IQ. Throughout the coming weeks you will be surprised how much easier and satisfying it is to face grief directly and fearlessly for a faster, more peaceful resolution by understanding nature’s gift of time.


Action 2: Do actions speak louder than words?

Cognitive, Cultural, and Behavioral Wholeness

Unfocused minds and disjointed bodies are nature’s way of saying: “Listen and pay attention to me NOW.” When you really do not know what to do, say, think or feel, can you consider this a gift? “Not knowing” plants seeds for new realizations to create a better and more adaptable life. You have a wise observer and operator within you that is ripe to exercise choice to quiet an overactive mind and welcome the body’s wise calm. Imagine the choice to simply follow positive, life-affirming thoughts that come into your mind? You will learn how to listen to inner hopes, needs and desires more deeply.


Action 3: Where is my body?

Physical Body

Grief is shockingly painful physically. Our bodies beg to express how to come to a new harmony and comfort. At times organs, such as your heart, seem to have minds of their own and may not totally agree with your mind. Has your stomach ever churned in search for answers? These body signals are natural resolution seekers. The neuronets that surround your organs go directly to the prefrontal cortex—the thinking part of your brain. In loss many neurons need to scale back, rewire, and adjust to today’s evolving reality. Integrating the neuroscience of mind-body healing will aid in resolving grief. When you welcome the body’s wise council a confluence of calm becomes available.


Action 4: I am alive! Breathe.

Emotional Engines of Change

Emotions during loss can open bliss or invite misery. Memories can be joyful or painful. Have you ever wondered why you have memory, and what are emotions especially good for? You will discover natural ways to modulate your emotions—not to eliminate or compartmentalize—and experience the freedom that full emotional expression brings. Are you ready to open to a surprising numinous and stimulating zest for life?


Action 5: I can fly!

Spiritual Awakening, Philosophical Insights

Welcome your emerging self to tune into the present moment for clarity and comfort. Your personal spiritual realizations create higher consciousness to live more fully each day. Are your philosophical orientations reaffirmed or have they changed completely? NOW is the time to appreciate just how far you have come to create new directions for your future.


Action 6: It is all about you.

Kindness, love, laughter, comfort and joy.

We have an open-ended meeting to share triumphs, cares, conflicts, concerns, and more, to help your continuing success to transform your grief to peace. How numinous it is to realize being your best self is living in the present moment. We will review what we learned to help you move forward. Can you truly embrace a newfound kindness, love, laughter, comfort and joy? Will you share this with people you love?

We will meet on Thursday’s at 1:00 pm PST for 90 minutes on Zoom. All sessions will be recorded and available for 6 months.

A private Facebook group will be created to share, ask questions, and help support each other.

Are you interested? If so, please contact me to arrange a 30-minute Zoom chat.

Investment: $495

Disclaimer: These are coaching calls and not psychotherapy.

Kathryn Rossi, PhD,

teaches innovative psychotherapy internationally, She has edited or co-authored 20 books in the field of psychotherapy including the 16 volumes of The Collected Works of Milton H. Erickson, MD with Ernest Rossi & Roxanna Erickson-Klein. She has authored ~80 scientific papers on psychosocial genomics, therapeutic hypnosis, and yoga.