Ernest Rossi, PhD

Ernest Lawrence Rossi, PhD (1933-2020)

Ernest Lawrence Rossi, PhD, was a kind, curious, happy, and creative man. He was the greatest influence of my life in our treasured 30 years together. He sensitively looked for the growing genius in everyone. He devoted his life to discover new ways to higher consciousness. His contributions to the field of psychotherapy are legendary, including the extensive work he did with Milton H. Erickson, MD, the modern-day father of therapeutic hypnosis.

What was it about Ernest that made him a remarkable psychotherapist? He consistently looked for the genius in everyone and primarily worked with indirect methods with students and clients. He evoked change by asking intriguing questions he called heuristics—to create an unconscious process that enables individuals to discover or learn something for themselves. Rather than telling people what to do, Ernest simply wanted you to discover your best paths and truths!

Students ask for formulas or scripts to emulate and build on the rich knowledge of the Masters of Psychotherapy. Ernest, who wanted to know the theory that underlies everything, created The 4-Stage Creative Cycle from Leonardo Di Vinci and others, as a fail-safe formula for successful change and to live life to the fullest. The stages are seemingly simple: (1) Questions, concerns, or curiosities (2) Working through difficult and often painful complexities. (3) Aha! A discovery of new truths, directions, and possibilities. (4) Apply new solutions to daily life. Each stage involves evolving consciousness in flexible, natural trance states that are often in unique time frames. In other words, it takes sensitivity and experience to learn the nuances. Once one learns how to apply the 4-Stage Creative Cycle, doors open to create individualized medicine for each client in each session.

Ernest’s life was a constant discovery of opening his mind to all sciences. He founded the field of PsychoSocial Genomics with Kathryn Rossi, was fascinated with chronobiology, the 4-Stage Creative Cycle, cosmos, quantum and chaos theories, just to name a few. He knew how to ask interesting questions whose answers were put through the lens of emerging sciences.

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Genius and Joy

“For the 30 years that I knew him Ernest lived almost all his time in the present. He held his brilliant and positive consciousness in the present moment until he died.”

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