Psychobiology of Gene Expression

Neuroscience and Neurogenesis in Hypnosis and the Healing Arts

by Ernest L. Rossi, PhD

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In this wonderfully impressive volume, Ernest Rossi opens up to even the average reader the promising concept of facilitating gene expression with creative experience. He elegantly weaves together traditional medicine with therapeutic hypnosis and the healing arts so that a whole new generation of therapists and researchers can easily access the central role of consciousness and culture in human development. Dr. Rossi presents a well-crafted model, rooted in the latest research, for the ways in which social attitudes, cultural expectancies, therapeutic hypnosis, and pharmaceuticals can modify gene expression. His work is second to none, as Dr. Rossi is a pioneer in the field. This volume is as impressive for its accessibility as it is for the theories it puts forth.

—Ruth Baczynski, PhD
President of NICABM
National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine