Mind-Body Therapy

Methods of Ideodynamic Healing in Hypnosis

Ernest L. Rossi, PhD & David B. Cheek, MD

This book is available through Amazon.com or The Milton H. Erickson Foundation Press.

This is a remarkable collaboration between psychologist Ernest Rossi and gynecologist-obstetrician David Cheek. This book guides and empowers therapists and clients to find the keys to their own health and well-being through therapeutic hypnosis. Hundreds of engaging case reports from Cheek’s forty years of clinical work bring the theory of mind-body therapy to life, while Rossi’s chapters link Cheek’s often intuitive work to the latest research in psychobiology.

Rossi has done it again! He has compiled the works of one of the most creative elder statements in the field of hypnosis.
Mind-Body Therapy contains the expanded, updated papers of David Cheek, MD, with theoretical introductions and suggestions for 64 research projects. Clinicians who use hypnosis for exploration in psychotherapy or with psychosomatic disorders, pain, medical problems, surgery, or sleep disorders will definitely want to read this book.
In its synthesis of clinically practical information, theory, and topics for research, this is one of the finest volumes to be published on hypnosis. It will be stimulating to clinicians, academicians, and researchers alike.

—D. Cordon Hammond, PhD
School of Medicine University of Utah