Dreams, Consciousness, Spirit

The Quantum Experience of Self-Reflection and Co-Creation:
3rd Edition

by Ernest L. Rossi, PhD

This book is available through The Milton H. Erickson Foundation Press.

An outstanding book Expanding Jung’s techniques of active imagination, Rossi demonstrates how conscious involvement with one’s dreams can facilitate new levels of awareness. Dreams are shown to be analogous to autonomous states of creative experience: they are the fundamental dynamics of the transformative power of the growth process. On somatic levels, Rossi elaborates on recent research showing that during dream activity new protein structures are being synthesized in the brain, and changes in emotion, imagery, and awareness result from conscious assimilation of this psychosynthetic experience. In dealing with ways of initiating such experience, Rossi is imaginative and original. His clinical approach is sound. His case illustrations are excellent, and his work will excite professionals and lay readers alike, for it explores ways of changing outmoded concepts of psychopathology into meaningful developmental crises leading to original psychological experience.

—Peter C. Lynn, Library Journal